story-mapping is a call to action. We are taking the lessons learned from more than a decade of work in Digital Storytelling, and integrating it with an emergent tool set of digital mapping technologies now available to the broad public.

Whether it is geo-tagging images on Flickr, building story-based GoogleMaps, developing Windows Live virtual tours, organizing local cell phone walking tours, or the permanent imbedding stories into locations to be received by Bluetooth and other wireless information, we can now create maps that share stories about the places that matter to us, and place our life stories in countless geographic contexts.

story-mapping is a project of The Center for Digital Storytelling. We will be developing a series of national projects for organizing digital story projects based on the link between narrative and place.






Listen to a podcast with Shawn Micallef, Murmur, Place-based stories with cell phones.

Listen to a podcast with Abbe Don on "Scaping the Hood", a place-based project using GPS.

story-mapping is a project of The Center for Digital Storytelling
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