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Stories of Why Where Matters

Throughout the Spring and Summer of 2005, stories were collected from communities around Ukiah, and in October of 2005, they were integrated into a stage production featuring 21 stories, many performed live by the authors. In 2006, an additional workshop collected stories from other parts of Mendocino, leading to a touring production in August and September.

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Ingel-Haven Walking Tour

CDS holds its ongoing Train-the-Trainer retreats at Ingel-Haven Ranch, the home of Kate and Mac Magruder. This tour represents a model of the phototour narrative. In this piece of writing, you are taken through a landscape with a story about the issues facing contemporary small ranchers.

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Save Our Shoreline

Another model of the phototour narrative, but this time looking at a local area where redevelopment threatens to end an unusual space for creative expression and wild exploration.


Vickery Memory Map

Another use of the tool of story-mapping is to unlock the memories of places that you remember as a child. Looking at a map, even if a place has changed enormously, often unlocks memories and stories that are powerful.

Vickery was a small neighborhood in North Dallas, Texas, that was redeveloped almost out of existance in the 1970s. Joe Lambert recalls his salad days as a boy growing up in a small town near a big city.


Third Ward, Houston

In December 2006 and July 2007, a group of residents of Houston's historical Third Ward community gathered to share stories about their community. The project is a new production approach for CDS, one that combines a walking tour and group story gathering process. Students and faculty from Jack Yates High School and the University of Houston assisted with the process.

Visit the Eye on Third Ward project to see images by students at Jack Yates.


The I-10 Witness Project

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina ripped through the Gulf Coast, a group of artists and educators began gathering stories about those affected by the disaster. CDS assisted by sending audio equipment , and hopes to map the audio interviews along the I-10 corridor.



Mapping Our Food

As part our efforts to connect with local agricultural and educate communities about the possibilities of consuming healthy locally grown food in season. Toward's that end we are helping with a class at MLK Middle School in Berkeley to capture stories about food.








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