Vickery Memory Map
Remembering A Neighborhood

I grew up in North Dallas, in a small town engulfed by a big city. Vickery was a separate town until 1945, but in the late fifties and sixties, it existed as its own special world, surrounded by acres and acres of open land.

This is a memory map I worked with to try to tease out stories about places and events from my childhood. The landscape is completely different. All but one building that stood in the time of my childhood still exists in the couple of square miles that make up Vickery. The schools, the stores, the houses, the churches, the open areas, long ago became another world, a warren of endless apartments.

I hope to research is how the neighborhood has changed in the 40 years since I lived there, but I offer this as an excercise for helping to reclaim the stories of your childhood.

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