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There are many tools available on-line for developing your own mapping either using Google Maps or other mapping protocols. Here are some our favorite tools. Please let us know if you have other recommondations.



Assists you in developing a GoogleMap site by giving you a way to select locations on a map, or look up addresses on and get the corresponding coordinates. You need to be familiar with html to copy and paste appropriate code into your own website.

You can also add images and links to the pop up menus, although this requires familiarity with html as well.



Community Walk

Another tool for designing a GoogleMap, with lots of easy to use features for designing your pop-up windows, and creating paths. Also uses a simple linking code to allow you to have the site appear on your website. The drawback is that the tool uses an extensive advertising interface that comes along with the display. Also, you can not customize the code so you are stuck with their design options.



Another great support tool that helps you to organize your maps within the context of a Web 2.0 environment. You easily link to others making maps, and to conversations about the maps by "tracking" who is interested in your content. One nice feature is that the Waypoints you create can be shared between maps, so that if you have a media rich (images/audio/video) point you don't have to re-create it for maps on different topics.











Project Highlight

Third Ward, Houston, TX

"When a neighborhood is destroyed its inhabitants suffer “root shock”: a traumatic stress reaction related to the destruction of one’s emotional ecosystem. The ripple effects of root shock have an impact on entire communities that can last for decades. " Mindy Fillilove, from Root Shockmore>>


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